Our marketing consultants can help you develop pragmatic marketing strategies to find new business opportunities and, especially, to qualify potential clients through specialized services such as:

  • B2B Contacts – A savvy B2B marketing team will manage the appointment making, lead generation, list building and tele-marketing activities.
  • Content Marketing – Our SEO experts and content writing specialists develop content that is both engaging and optimized.
  • Social Media Marketing – An entire team of social media experts focuses on engaging customers on social networks

Get to Know Our Team:

  • Adina Palade

    Adina Palade
    Senior Content Marketing Specialist

  • Adriana Lutasu Codreanu

    Adriana Lutasu Codreanu
    Senior Social Media Specialist

  • Alina Ailincai

    Alina Ailincai
    HR Assistant

  • Alexandra Mogin

    Alexandra Mogin
    Online Marketing Specialist

  • Alexandru Pascariu

    Alexandru Pascariu
    Junior Marketing Specialist

  • Anca Nechita

    Anca Nechita
    Social Media Specialist

  • Andrada Radu

    Andrada Radu
    Senior Social Media Specialist

  • Andreea Grindeanu

    Andreea Grindeanu
    Chief of Social Media Department

  • Andrei Enache

    Andrei Enache
    Junior Marketing Specialist

  • Bogdan Par

    Bogdan Par
    Sales Prospecting Team Leader

  • Carmen Driscu

    Carmen Driscu
    Business Development Manager

  • Sirghe Catalin

    Catalin Sirghe Sirghe
    Prospecting Specialist

  • Sinzianu Cosmin

    Cosmin Sinzianu
    Lead Generation Specialist

  • Cristian Anechitei

    Cristian Anechitei
    Team Leader – Senior Marketing Specialist

  • Ciprian Asiminei

    Ciprian Asiminei
    Lead Generation Specialist

  • Cristina Lauby

    Cristina Lauby
    Lead Generation Team Leader

  • Daniela Chirascu

    Daniela Chirascu
    HR & Administrative Manager

  • Ciobanu Mirela

    Mirela Ciobanu
    Lead Generation Specialist

  • Oltita Volovat

    Oltita Volovat
    Online Marketing Specialist

  • Tanasa Razvan

    Razvan Tanasa
    Prospecting Specialist

  • Tiberiu Avram

    Tiberiu Avram
    Lead Generation Specialist

  • Vlad Maxim

    Vlad Maxim
    Junior Marketing Specialist