In addition to the qualitative approach NNC Services also offers telephone and web quantitative B2B survey capabilities. Quantitative marketing research, often associated with online surveys, derives its data from a much larger sample group.


This means you gather responses from a larger number of participants. A large enough sample aims to make accurate assumptions about all people in the target audience. Our specialist interviewers are experienced in B2B and technology research and regularly engage with C-level contacts in SMB (small/medium businesses) and organisations.


Email survey

E-mail questionnaires are simple to construct and fast to distribute. Companies often use online surveys to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ tastes and opinions. Like traditional surveys, online surveys can be used in order to provide more data on customers, including everything from basic demographic information (age, education level and so on) and to find out how consumers are reacting to a specific product, service or brand.


CATI interviewing

CATI interviews are particularly suitable for highly structured questionnaires or where questionnaires involve complicated routing. CATI offer numerous benefits, including: immediate/real time feedback of data, improved productivity resulting in lower project costs.


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