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5 Great Blogging Benefits for B2B Companies

5 Great Blogging Benefits for B2B Companies

More and more companies, from the largest corporations to SMEs, realize the necessity of an online presence in order to develop their businesses. The blog is one of the best online tools that can help any start-up or well-positioned business to attract new customers or develop a closer relationship with those who already are your clients.

Blogging has quickly become the main marketing activity that businesses rely in order to increase the traffic to their websites, push Google rankings and generate leads. However, as we mentioned in one of our previous blog articles – “3 Whys and How’s for B2B Blogging” -, there are companies in the B2B industry that are still reluctant when it comes to blogging.

Here is a list with some of the benefits that B2B blogging brings to companies:

1. Share the latest news and ideas with your prospects and customersAnything you’ll write will affect you in one way or another. No matter what industry are you in, try to share fresh and dynamic content with your visitors. If your blog articles are well-written, documented, include how-to information and insightful opinions, you’ll be able to create a great audience that will interact with your brand.

2. Position yourself as a leader in your field – The competition is harsh, especially for B2B companies. To be successful on the market you have to be considered a leader in your field. You must find a way to get people to trust you, follow you, and finally, to buy your products and services. Blogging allows you to share your knowledge in the industry you work in and showcase your products or services.

3. Increase the traffic on your websiteBlogging is the marketing activity meant to attract the right people on your website. Having a blog attached to your company website and producing content regularly will get your website climb higher on the search engines.

4. Target qualified leads – When a person visits your website, you want that person to be interested in your company, to be a potential buyer of what you have to offer. With blogging you update your company’s website constantly. You can write about your industry, your offers and, by placing specific keywords in your content (relevant to what you do), is more likely that those visiting your website to be genuinely interested in your products. In this way you are certain that all the traffic on your website is about quality, not quantity.

5. Share your expertise regarding the technology you use – It’s a great opportunity for B2B companies, especially IT&C, to share their knowledge about what technology they use, their complexity or what innovations they use that make their products or services different from those of the competition.

B2B blogging is an online tool that will definitely help you engage with a global audience and expand your business. To generate great results, offer meaningful information on a regular basis. For a B2B company, this means financial, technological and human resources and if your company doesn’t have a well developed in-house department, you may consider outsourcing this task to an online marketing company.

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