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How can marketing outsourcing be beneficial for your company?

How can marketing outsourcing be beneficial for your company?

It is summer, and we thought it may be useful to get back to basis for some light reading and remind ourselves about the benefits of marketing outsourcing.


The action of hiring an external entity to oversee the perfect functioning of certain  internal activities or processes within your business has been available and done by firms even before this action has been defined by the word “outsourcing”.


Over the years the process of outsourcing has rapidly spread across the world, becoming today a very wanted and successful trend in endless sectors of various industries. Nowadays businesses can basically outsource any actions within the firm, from marketing, logistics and human resources to manufacturing, customer service and finance; all of them being taken care of by highly experienced firms that specialize in these types of activities.


Now regarding marketing; there are a lot of short and long term benefits for a company to outsource some of its processes to firms that provide this service, some of them being:


  • Getting a better marketing perspective. Having a specialized and experienced firm to do marketing for you can be considered very beneficial; these firms usually work in different industries with various customers that have unique needs, making them very open in bringing innovative solutions for your needs. It’s often found that an outsider’s perspective can be more creative and efficient than a person found inside the organization.


  • Better expertise and access to tools or technologies. Usually, the company that will be taking care of your outsourced marketing such as lead generation, SEO, social media, PR and other processes within the company is highly experienced and specialized in its field of work; having better procedural knowledge and techniques about what needs to be done for the benefit and well-being of your company. Thus in the end completing tasks more efficiently, effectively and in a shorter time.


  • Lowering costs. By hiring a firm to do marketing for you instead of developing your own marketing department, you automatically reduce cost on assets such as computers, man power, office space, resources required on marketing projects.


  • Becoming more flexible. The continuous change of needs and market trends or just business fluctuations are nothing new for companies, but not all of them have the necessary recourses, or the necessary training of its staff in order to make  the best marketing decisions regarding which strategy to choose or what is needed in order to adapt. That’s why it is extremely beneficial to have someone who knows how to “navigate you out of the storm.”


  • Access to new business opportunities. Some companies could find it very difficult to expand their business, having lack of experience in gathering new clients or creating new business opportunities, so typically they outsource this process to firms that are specialized in analyzing the market and finding leads, prospects or even new ways to expand the company.


  • Risks sharing.  A big advantage when it comes to outsource certain parts of the business implies that it shifts some of the risks to the specialized firm that will take care of it in the future.


So there you go, just some of the benefits of outsourcing. We will come back in a future article to discuss how marketing outsourcing may go badly and what can we do to ensure it does not happen. If you have any good or “horror” stories, please share with us.

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