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How to drive higher conversions to your Landing Page

How to drive higher conversions to your Landing Page

This question is on the lips on every marketer out there. Driving higher conversion rates for our clients highly depends on the effectiveness of the landing page itself. There aren’t any 100% failed proof recipes, but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind to make sure you’re not pulling the rug from under your feet right from the start.

1. Keep the form field as short as possible.
You may be thinking that driving people to your landing page it’s the hardest part, but actually it only gets you halfway there. Even if you got them on your page, they may well still not be fully committed to your product or service. In this case, don’t make your job harder and alienate them by asking them to fill out a long, exhausting field form. Studies and our own experienc clearly show that reducing form fields will have a very positive effect on your conversion rates. Another way to simplify the whole process is to add social login to your form field. This way,
the visitors can complete the forms just by clicking a button. Using social networks integration, you’ll also have the advantage to gain access to more relevant data, instead of the incorrect information people sometimes enter in this type of forms.

2. Use compelling headlines
You have up to 10 seconds to convince your visitors not to leave your landing page and the only tool you have to do it is your headline. It must be clear, brief (ideally not longer than five words) and easily noticeable. You need to tell your visitors exactly why they are filling the form, what they we’ll get for their time, therefore try to avoid figures of speech or clever word plays. You might think they’re catchy, but they will only confuse your visitor and make him loose interest.

3. Use a clear, unambiguous call-to-action (CTA)
Don’t lose focus of the action you desire from the visitor, your primary CTA. Remember, your CTA must be consistent with your message and it should draw the visitor’s attention exactly in the “action area”. If they’re going to have to start looking for it on the page, chances are you’ll lose them. Give your visitors only one single visible choice and don’t place other distractions on your landing page, it can confuse them or distract them from your primary CTA.

4. Insert Social Proof

Show the benefits of using your product or service by inserting media mentions and testimonials or logos of your current and previous clients. This can easily make a difference when it comes to indecisive or untrusting visitors who may feel they lack the needed information in order to respond to your call-to-action.

These were just a few tips to increase your conversions. It’s really important though to keep testing the effectiveness of your landing page and to continually tweak it until you find the right combination for your business.

Do you have any tips and tricks that got you great results in driving higher conversions to your landing page? Share it with us in your comments.

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