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Specifics of B2B lead generation on the German Market

Specifics of B2B lead generation on the German Market


Lead generation is essential in the process of acquiring new clients, and B2B companies invest significant resources to this purpose.  

In today’s global market, there is a tendency towards treating everyone as identical. However, that should not be that case and when it comes to lead generation, we have to keep in mind that every country has its own singular culture and all companies and buyers are unique.

Germany is one of the most developed European countries, its economy going strong even when others are faltering. As a result, the country is full of opportunities for business in all sectors.

Although B2B marketing concepts are universal, it is worth taking the time to particularize your campaign when trying to find new partners in a specific area. From our experience, we have a few recommendations when addressing the German market.

The most important thing to consider when launching a product or service in a German speaking country is finding a way to adapt. And by that I mean the way a message is transmitted to the potential customer.

When starting the lead generation process, there are three ground rules to keep in mind:

1. Quality targeted content attracts quality business contacts

Some of the most effective tools used to attract contacts are the company’s website, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. If you want to address the German market, at the very least try to create a German versions of the website, a specific landing page (make it user-friendly), a presentation of the company and, last but not least, case studies.

2. Ideal B2B marketing runs across multiple channels simultaneously, make sure you are on the right ones

Top news always run on all channels in order to reach a large audience, so take advantage of all the options you have. You can spread the news via email, newsletter, company blog, website and social networks, and even though this might be a bit overwhelming, there is always a way to handle it. Make sure that what you use is also used by the target audience. For example, business social XING is very popular in Germany. Also, do not neglect telemarketing, which from our experience produces results.

3. Do adapt

On the German market, quality, perfectionism and precision, punctuality are in high regard – so make sure you have a straightforward sales procedure, all messages are clear and to the point, your product and services respond to a real need and their benefits are clear, always do as you say (eg. If you promise you’ll send more details the day after, do), be always on time for meetings, be they face to face or calls.  And also, actually speaking German and/or partnering with a local person or business for business development would improve your chances. I think that generating new leads it will always be difficult, particularly in a market different than the one from home.

What do you think? What have you learned from running lead generation campaigns in countries different than your own?

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