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Time for New Beginnings

Time for New Beginnings

“If you live your life on Facebook or Twitter, then you are the right person for us”.  As I am a true Internet addict, this tweet caught my attention and eventually led to my joining the newAD team.

It has been now more than one week since I started working here.  As expected, on the first day I was full of emotion and excitement. Getting to know my new colleagues proved to be a difficult task, as I forget their names in the instant they introduced themselves.  Also, getting accustomed to the software and to the new programs I was going to use was sometimes quite challenging. However, at the end of the first day, I felt I had absorbed a lot of information and that the second day would be better.

A week has past since, and now I am proud to say that I know the names of all my colleagues. I am involved in a lot of projects and I can see now that my instincts were not wrong, as I really enjoy my tasks. At newAD, there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm, exactly what I was hoping for in a work place. Now I am looking forward to improving my  skills and to prove myself a valuable asset for newAD.

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