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Help Your Company Take Their Spring Cleaning Online

Help Your Company Take Their Spring Cleaning Online

After what felt like the longest winter of all time, we finally got some real spring weather in New England this weekend.   Our Bucharest office recently changed locations. Fresh start is the operative phrase on both sides of the Atlantic!  As a new month, new season, and new quarter begin, I imagine you and your coworkers are cleaning the office and gearing up for a strong Q2.

While organizing your desk and finally getting that mysterious egg salad container out of the shared fridge is great, have you thought about taking your spring-cleaning online? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can clear the clutter from your company’s e-presence and highlight your most important attributes.

There are several areas of your homepage worth examining during the spruce-up.  First, check through all your links, make sure none are broken, and that they lead to information that is still useful.  You don’t want a link up promoting a service you no longer offer, or content that is sorely outdated prominently displayed on your front page.  You should also have a set of eyes (or a few) read through all of the copy on your website.  There may be minor typos, grammar mistakes, or formatting issues that were overlooked when originally posted.

Another great suggestion, which I found via Social Media Today, was for reexamining the placement of your share buttons.  Have they been effective in their current location? If not, it may be worth trying a different spot on your page. It may even be worth abandoning a few that are rarely, if ever used, to make the share toolbar appear less busy.

Many spring-cleaning opportunities on your social media profiles are just as important, and fairly simple to complete.  As the Social Media Today article suggests, it is worth checking your “About Us” section to make sure it fully aligns with your current primary campaign.  It’s also a great time to take a good look at your more niche profiles and see if they are worth maintaining.  If you haven’t updated them in a few months, or if a massive chunk of your audience has gone elsewhere, it is better to outright delete than to let the profile linger.

On Twitter, you may want to review the accounts your company follow, and see if there are any which are inactive or irrelevant.  Unfollowing will give your feed less clutter and ensure you’re seeing more high quality content.  If you are averse to unfollowing, you could also spend time organizing the accounts you follow into more targeted lists (i.e.- bloggers, tech companies, industry news, etc.).


Has your company ever done an e-spring cleaning? Can you think of any other areas in the online space that could use a metaphorical dusting? Any and all suggestions are welcome!


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