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How a Blog Keeps Your Site’s Visitors Away From the Back Button

How a Blog Keeps Your Site’s Visitors Away From the Back Button

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog discussing elements of your company’s website that will cause people to x out almost immediately.  After publishing, I started a discussion in the LinkedIn Marketing Communication group to see what other features drove people crazy.  The thread has elicited some very impassioned and thoughtful responses, and is still active as of writing.

Out of the nearly forty comments thus far, two in particular stood out as ones I wish I’d addressed in my original article:

“Those pop-ups asking if you want to receive their newsletter. They annoy me so much. If I like the content, I’ll sign up for the newsletter on my own time. If I get lots of pop ups preventing me actually reading the content in the first place, I’ll x out.”

“I do a lot of company backgrounding and situational analysis work – it’s bad when a site’s News or Info tab has no news releases more current than a year ago.”

Both of these far-too-common issues have a significant impact on how your website is perceived by a first-time visitor.  And both can be resolved (at least partially) by the same solution: a company blog.

Giving out content in exchange for contact information is nothing new.  We’ve all signed up to download a newsletter, white paper, or e-book at some point.  While this is certainly a valuable source of lead generation, you are increasing the barrier of entry for those more averse to just “handing out” their personal information.  Asking them to give away their name, email, phone number, etc. before they’ve truly had a chance to see what your company does/can do, can turn away a sizeable portion of your potential audience.

A blog can help to significantly lower a visitor’s resistance to providing you with their contact info.  By using blog “teaser articles” to promote your more “exclusive” content, you help further pique people’s interest and provide a solid preview of what to expect.

Along with providing a crucial bridge for lead generation, a blog is the ideal means by which to keep your customers, prospects, and the general public up to date on what your company is doing.  I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve come across where, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think they had gone out of business.

Do you feel your site falls into this category? Then start producing new content!  It is hard for a visitor to believe you are truly a thought leader if your latest news is from 2009.  Post pictures from your latest trade show.  Do a quick write-up on your latest product’s development.  You don’t need to be publishing groundbreaking novels with these blogs, but let prospects know you’re active and forward thinking.

If your business doesn’t have a blog, what is stopping you? Along with the reasons listed above, a blog will have a profound impact on your SEO and provide you with a rich source of material for your social media profiles.  If your site is struggling to generate leads and engage visitors, a blog may be exactly what you need.

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