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In your customers’ shoes – Pull marketing for shoe addicted women

In your customers’ shoes – Pull marketing for shoe addicted women

Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? I would never say no to a diamond but… Did Cinderella, Dorothy of OZ or even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City‘s found their happiness due to this magic stones? Without the glass slipper Cinderella would still clean chimneys and windows, without her ruby slippers Dorothy would still be trapped in OZ and Carrie without her 100 unique pairs of shoes wouldn’t be known as the most fashionable icon of the decade.

So I would say shoes are girls’ best friends in nowadays. What is it about shoes that are so captivating? And why do women still covet them so much and are willing to spend fortunes to be properly shod? According to Glamour, the average woman will buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime and will end up spending $25,000.

Marketers are aware of the trend toward fanatical purchase of shoes. The Internet and social media revolution have changed the buyer behavior for good.  So pull marketing is now used to attract customers and place the products into their minds rather than traditional push marketing approaches. Rather than concentrate on immediate sales, shoe companies prefer to create result-driven programs that connect brands with potential customers.

Here are 4 inexpensive ways to put your shoe brand on the social media path:

Pull marketing for shoe addicted women

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FootStep 1

Create social media accounts for your shoes. Encourage people to join your list by organizing a contest. For example, ask customers to submit photos with their purchased shoes in a unique stance and tell what they love about them. This way you will widespread visibility for your products and build a community around your brand.

FootStep 2

Send email newsletters to subscribers. The more frequent your newsletter, the shorter it should be. If you send it daily make it less than a page, if you send it every 2 weeks or monthly you can make it longer but make sure to have truly captivating information to share. The letter should contain information about new sales campaigns, new products added to your collection, your brand such as whether the products are manufactured using Eco-friendly ways or facts and tips about footwear in general.

FootStep 3

Get a celebrity to become the spokesperson of your shoe brand. People love a celebrity’s story, especially when it’s about the road to success. First find the right match to promote your shoes. Once selected, the famous person should display the products by wearing them at public events or in daily life. A few words stated on social media channels or some excellent photos have the power to make your brand famous in a period of a night.

FootStep 4

Create a blog. Position your content from the reader’s point of view. Approach topics such as: “What makes nude patent pumps a must-have for every woman” or “What are the best work shoes for being on your feet all day”. Engage readers to write comments on your posts and promptly reply to them.  For a steady growth create blog content at least every 2-3 days and keep readers visit again for new posts.

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