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Video Marketing – An Essential Stage in the Marketing Process for B2B Companies

Video Marketing – An Essential Stage in the Marketing Process for B2B Companies


The use of online videos has exploded in the last months. According to a study conducted by Pew Research Internet Project, the percent of online users who watch or download videos has grown substantially (from 69% of adult internet users in 2009 to 78%).

Using videos as a marketing tool is not only for consumer products. Today’s B2B marketers are getting huge results from including videos as a tool in their marketing process. Video marketing will help you engage more with people than just using text or images in your content marketing strategy. Do you want to stand out from the competition? Then, it’s all about making a human connection with your customers.

Below we gathered five types of marketing videos that you can use to promote your company, your products or services:

1. Storytelling – This is perhaps the most effective form of video marketing and the most overlooked type of video marketing. Tell the story about your company and your staff. Show the people behind an idea or who is developing a particular app and what drives them to do so. This kind of videos will help you establish yourself as a leader in your industry. In this way, you are earning your potential customer’s trust, respect and establish yourself as someone who knows what is talking about in your particular field.

2. Demonstration – If you are a software company and you have a range of products, share how they work, what problem they solve and why it is important for your customers to buy them.

3. Training – Share your prospective audience how your product or services work. Try to give as many details as you can. You can show what features the products have or what benefits do they bring if they are bought. Make your potential more confident when buying the product.

4. Testimonials – Ask your current clients to talk about your products or services, how they use them, what benefits and advantages they have from the moment they bought the product.

5. Teasers – If you have a new product coming out or the next version of an app will be released, have a quick, short and simple video to just tease some of their new features and abilities. Show off the values and benefits of that new app. Teasers are all about anticipation and making people excited about that new and soon-to-be released product.

If you can build a human connection with your prospects, they will care about you, your products or your solutions.

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