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What does it mean to be Consultant in Romania?

What does it mean to be Consultant in Romania?

Romanian Management Consultancies Association – AMCOR celebrated its 20 years of activity on the Romanian market by organizing an event we also attended. The focus was on the launching of the book “Consultant in Romania”, the first consulting book written entirely by senior Romanian consultants.

We had the chance to contribute as well with an extensive analysis about the “Marketing of Consulting Companies” – that turned into the 10th chapter of the book. We started from the idea that, in a highly competitive environment, effective marketing has become one of the key success factors for consulting firms. It has the role of identifying customers’ needs, revealing their mentality and defining the best way through which a consultant can help improve clients’ businesses, starting the whole process of consultancy.

Our paper covers the main subjects related to the marketing of consulting companies: challenges, ethics, organizing the marketing function, marketing techniques mix, methods, the marketing of consulting services for the public sector and the pricing aspect. Because we didn’t want to be a highly theoretical material, you will also find some practical tips and examples from our experience.

We really hope that you will find our paper useful and the whole book as well, because that will mean that we’ve reached our goal. Enjoy reading it!

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