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How do you design marketing systems that generate guaranteed sales results? (I)

So how do you design marketing systems that generate guaranteed sales results? This is actually very simple: first of all, if you haven’t done that already setup an objective for your company, usually a financial objective; or derive a financial objective from your main company goals. If you haven’t set-up objectives so far stay put for one of the future posts. After this, make sure that this number (the financial objective) translates into a realistic sales target. How do you insure this? Well, ask your people, especially your sales people. Don’t ask them if they can achieve it, but rather what do they need to achieve this sales target. Their replies will give you your main marketing goals…

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To tradeshow or not to in B2B. If not, then what?

In classical marketing strategies, trade showing and attending industry events is a must. Many marketers put tradeshow in the top 3 strategies for most of their programs. I dare challenge this point of view, since I did not find yet in b2b a tradeshow or event, to justify the costs through consequential results. If you […]

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welcome to a fresh blog on b2b

This blog is for: those who got tired of reading books on b2b, strategy, planning and management… that seldom really work those who need a fresh point of view in all these areas entrepreneurs who start-up on their business adventure whomever wants to know how marketing life is on the line of fire Although I […]

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