Email marketing campaigns represent a popular tactic that allows B2B companies to optimize the impact of their overall online communication strategy.  A proper email marketing campaign setup can take careful planning, management and technical knowledge.


That’s where our highly skilled and experienced consultants can help. We provide email marketing and newsletter campaign management services for a large variety of clients on both the local and international markets.


Through our Email marketing campaigns service we provide:


Campaign planning –  our consultants will work with you from day one to set up an effective email campaign strategy


Campaign design – your campaign is fully customizable:

         • choose what images, graphics or logos you’d like to add
         • create a custom background, select your favorite fonts and colors
         • divide your lists of prospects and send different messages to each group


Campaign management 

         • we keep an eye on every detail, so you have the data you need to create email marketing campaigns that are pure magic

         • choose when and how you’d like the campaigns to be delivered

         • take a look at how individual contacts responded to your emails, including when and how many times they opened your messages and which links they clicked


Custom reporting – pick what KPIs you’d like to monitor

         • find out how many of your contacts opened your messages, clicked your links, forwarded your messages to friends, filed spam complaints, or unsubscribed from your lists

         • see just how well your emails did socially – we’ll track the number of related views, clicks, likes and tweets.

         • view email marketing tracking results for messages sent over a period of time, and discover trends

         • choose when and how often these reports should be sent


Data export/import from your source systems into the email campaign management tool of your choosing.


We’re experienced in using some of the best tools available: