Looking to add your personal touch in the way your business communicates with its customers, or perhaps build stronger relationships with your customers, prospects or stakeholders?


Video emails represent the next big thing in email marketing, making your campaigns more interesting, interactive and cutting edge than those of your competitors.


Sending a video email marketing campaign that clearly represents your company or organization makes your readers trust what you have to say every single time. If you’re wondering how you can use video email marketing for your business, then check out these ideas:


           • Video testimonials – encourage one of your most happy customers to create a video testimonial to your business and send it out to all your subscribers. Share his feedback with all of your customers.

           • Message from your CEO – let your customers know how much they mean to you and your company. Many of them may wonder who’s the driving force behind your business.

           • How-to videos – educate your users on how they can get the most of out your services. Send a step-by-step video showcasing the best way of using your products and services.

           • Launching a new product – send out an all-angles video showing off your brand new product or service. Give your users and idea of how it will look in action and what cool new features they’ll be using.