To succesfully launch a new product or service you need:


Go to market know-how                               Market knowledge

Well organized services                               Sales meetings


This 2 month program has been created to give you all the above to get you started.


Month 1

Month 2

Research, Analysis and Recommendations  (includes 2 workshops with a senior strategy consultant)

Research and analysis of market and competition, coaching and recommendations

Recommendations for packages and content

Campaign SetUp

Define lead generation strategy and tools

Develop Content (one presentation or case study, landing page)

Establishing outreach channels and approach methods; running test campaigns

Custom Contact List Building

Create potential customers database, with details concerning activity and turnover

Direct Contacting to gather information on the market and set up meetings

Emailing/ LinkedIn/ Follow ups Campaign; Telemarketing Campaign

Project Management

Planning, tracking opportunities and results, monitoring and identifying new directions, reporting (Senior Consultant)

1200 Euro

1320 Euro

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“Once the BlogDash tool was in full development, we realized that there were still many unknowns in our go-to-market strategy. Were there any other tools doing this? How should we price it, who should we sell it ti and so on. NNC Services helped us figure out how we should market our product, and what we should do to improve it.They also handle the demand generation 

part of the business, bringing in leads and meetings. We now have our dedicated team of professionals, that help us keep a strategic vision on our product. They are results oriented and we’ll surely continue our collaboration.”

  Marc Duquette, Founder, BlogDash