Lead Generation is a complex marketing process and client acquisition is done mainly referentially. In some companies, generating leads is essential for business survival but many of them lose a great deal of time trying to gather new leads.


NNC Services offers a range of  lead generation services including appointment making, list building, tele-marketing and more. In order to increase sales, NNC Services will assist you in choosing the right lead generation instruments that will expand your business opportunities area. Our lead generation consultants use effective analysis, segmentation, and targeting techniques to offer you highly qualified leads.


The Lead Generation solution from NNC Services is different from the classic selling process:

  • Continuous prospecting for leads
  • Identifying the decision factors for approaching the right leads
  • Direct and constant dialogue that assures the basis for good marketing decisions and efficient lead generation processes
  • Correct profiling of potential leads
  • Qualified leads which results in closing a larger number of contracts.


Moreover, our lead generation services approach simultaneous several channels:

  • Email: We send personalized messages, addressed directly to decision makers. We build databases for each client and we constantly update them for better results of our lead generation campaigns;
  • Telephone:  We identify the challenges that each prospect faces and we provide accurate lead generation solutions;
  • Online communities & Social networks:  We develop networks that generate leads in the online communities and we address customized messages.


As a lead generation expert, NNC Services knows how important it is to identify leads that support business development. More importantly, we have the key to customizing the lead generation campaigns specifically to your company’s needs.