Here at NNC Services we don’t simply deliver lists of B2B contacts. We do the research: we find what they like, which groups they are part of, what social networks they’re active on. Only then do we reach out to these target decision makers as part of your lead generation strategy. Our goal is not to spam or interrupt them, but to create a valuable, personalized business proposition, that can benefit both parties.


A first step of the lead generation process is to establish, together with the client, what the target market is. This includes geographical location, company size, industries and target decision makers. In order toget a lock on these, we do an initial market analysis, looking for market size, competitor information, predicted growth and so on. Based on these findings we set priorities for each industry and lead generation method.


When working in the B2B industry, it’s practical to find as much information as possible regarding your B2B contact. This allows you to personalize your message effectively and increases the chances of receiving a positive answer.


The NNC Services lead generation team uses different channels for getting in touch with decision makers. Email marketing is only one of the options. Social media, business networking and events are some of the other ways we manage to reach out to our client’s target market.


Event based appointment setting is one of the things we do best. To achieve success with this tactic, you must use most of the other outreach channels as well. Appointment setting might be the final goal, but finding the right way to get there is more challenging