Contact lists are the foundation of any strategy or program related to direct marketing and they are meant to generate new business opportunities. Contact lists allow any company to target specific prospect profile, to identify individuals as decision makers in companies such as CEOs, CFOs, Director of Acquisitions, Director of Sales etc,  and to increase sales and profits.

The contact lists are our property or our partners and are constantly updated to be used in stock market research, business opportunity generation and direct marketing.


NNC Services specializes in manual list building strategies that assure accurate and continuously updated contact data. Our list building strategies allow you to target your customers or prospects, generate leads, grow your sales and increase your profits.

Our offered services:

  • Standard Manual Built contact lists – We build and deliver your database with contacts such as CEOs, General Managers, CTOs, Technical Managers etc);
  • Customized Manual Built contact lists – At your request we can customize the list with other contact titles.
  • Manual List Cleaning and Update – You provide the list, we validate and update the contacts;
  • Marketing Campaigns – From newsletters to business development activities we provide high quality marketing campaigns that will boost up your sales.


*Note: All of our list are hand-built to ensure high-class and high-quality results for our customers

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  • Targeting decision makers such as President, Vice-President, CEO, Executive Director or department level Procurement, IT, Marketing;
  • Minimizing the sales process, allowing employees to focus more on sales than on identifying potential end customers;
  • Reduce costs with the acquisition of new customers and expand the number of potential customers;
  • Improve activities and run efficient direct marketing campaigns;
  • Increasing response rates from direct marketing campaigns.



Our list building strategies will help you:

  • Expand the number of potential customers
  • Market to decision makers such as  CEO’s, CFO’s, Managers or Executives
  • Reach prospects who specifically need your products or services
  • Generate new sales and business opportunities
  • Improve targeted marketing actions
  • Increase ROI from your lead generation campaigns
  • Decrease the sales cycle
  • Maximize marketing campaigns
  • Reduce costs for new client acquisition.



Effective email list building strategies will help your business decrease costs with pre-sales lead generation and marketing activities, accelerate the sales procedure and generate more qualified leads.

We know how important is for your business to identify and target the right prospects and we have the list building strategies that meet your needs.