Outsourced B2B Lead-Gen Brings 40% Increase In Sales ROI


B2B lead-generation is not mass marketing. In order to get results,simplicity is the key: ask simple questions, know simple facts and perform simple actions, but with a high impact.


This white paper aims to provide you with some relevant numbers and, finally, to draw the line on why lead-generation outsourcing is far more efficient and profitable than doing it in-house. To anticipate, an outsourced lead-generation department can bring with up to 43% better results than an in-house one.


Bottom line of lead-gen outsourcing is that it can deliver sales leads better than you canreducing costreducing risk andincreasing your opportunities for business development.


Read some real-life examples on how you can achieve this result and find out more benefits of outsourcing your lead-gen activities.


Read case study here (PDF, 250KB)