Social media marketing is a popular tactic as more B2B companies are looking for new solutions to specific B2B marketing challenges.


An experienced social media marketing consultant with an effective social media marketing strategy can help your business build its online and offline reputation. Unlike other social media marketing agencies, we focus on increasing your customer base and raising profit.


NNC Services brings you an entire team of social media marketing experts who will cover the activity area of an in-house social media marketing consultant.


While other social media marketing agencies focus on Facebook and Twitter, our social media marketing services include a wide variety of social networks:


Social Networking (Facebook)

  • Company page set-up & management
  • Increase database of fans
  • Update fans with relevant information
  • Promote events
  • Manage contests
  • Manage Facebook advertising


Microblogging (Twitter)

  • Account set-up & management
  • Increase followers database
  • Update followers with relevant information
  • Promote and manage events or contests


Business networking (LinkedIn/ Plaxo/ XING)

  • Account set-up and management
  • Groups – promote services/ contests and generate traffic
  • Q&A/ Forum section – position as expert and promote services
  • Direct messaging


Video sharing (YouTube/ VIMEO)

  • Account set-up and management
  • Upload videos
  • Embed videos/ promote them on other online company channels.


Social bookmarking (Digg/ StumbleUpon/ Reddit)

  • Account set-up and management
  • Promote company website/ articles


As benefits, our social media marketing consultant will help you:

  • Gain a more “social” business by using social media marketing tools
  • Grow your business network
  • Engage new customers and prospects
  • Increase website traffic.


Why do you need a social media marketing consultant?

  • He/she already uses any social network that you possibly need
  • He/she can recommend the social media marketing tools that would best fit your business
  • You don’t have enough time to develop and supervise your social media marketing strategy
  • You need a social media marketing consultant with the best marketing knowledge
  • You need technological resources to implement your social media marketing strategy.


We know how important it is to bring prospects around your business and we have the key to effective B2B social media marketing strategies.  Our social media marketing consultant has the all the social tools needed for engaging new prospects and customers.