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It’s summertime – What’s a B2B marketer to do?

Summer can be a difficult season for B2B marketers.  For start, everyone seems to be on holiday and even if they aren’t yet they are thinking about it.  Businesses usually delay making major purchasing or partnership decisions, waiting for the fall when their staff is back and functioning at full capacity. So, what’s a B2B […]

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Mind the tag! Setting the right price for your services & products

In over 10 years of working in an IT-related field I’ve seen major progress in company images, external and internal partnerships, even in the way companies promote themselves. A single chapter remains overlooked: the price!!! Surprising how an aspect so important to a company’s market success – the price – is given so little attention […]

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To tradeshow or not to in B2B. If not, then what?

In classical marketing strategies, trade showing and attending industry events is a must. Many marketers put tradeshow in the top 3 strategies for most of their programs. I dare challenge this point of view, since I did not find yet in b2b a tradeshow or event, to justify the costs through consequential results. If you […]

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