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Visual content helps you get the best out of social media

Pinterest and Instagram should no longer miss from your social media strategy – the top two visual social media networks will help you get the best out of your marketing approach. Visual content also found a good home on Facebook and it is a proven fact that it brings better engagement and higher reach and virality. Let’s see […]

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Social Media Marketing Becomes a Key Tactic for Tourism Industry

As human beings we have a natural tendency to share our good or bad experiences. We enjoy our great moments with the ones we love and seek for support in times of need. We seek approval, advice or support. Social media networks made it so easy for us to broadcast our lives and any experience […]

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Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips

Every B2B marketer knows it’s a must to include Facebook in their social media strategy but more than often they seem to struggle to get results from a business page. That’s because they often approach it as a personal profile, when, in fact, it should be approached as an extension of their company website and […]

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