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Best Brand Campaigns on Instagram to Inspire From

People love taking sneak peeks and finding out what happens behind the scenes with their favorite brands. Lots of companies understood this and provided fans with what they would appreciate most. For example, Burberry posted on the Instagram profile backstage pictures from photo shoots and avoided treating the platform like an online catalog for showcasing […]

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Music and social media: where fans meet artists

In the old days, musicians needed a song and a record label. But nowadays, things are changing and musicians have to embrace social media strategies to meet their fans. Either we are talking about famous artists or just those who are at the beginning of the road, social media should not miss from the communication […]

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Visual content helps you get the best out of social media

Pinterest and Instagram should no longer miss from your social media strategy – the top two visual social media networks will help you get the best out of your marketing approach. Visual content also found a good home on Facebook and it is a proven fact that it brings better engagement and higher reach and virality. Let’s see […]

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